California Impact Republicans Announces Inaugural Board of Directors

For Immediate Release
Contact: John W Briscoe, 714-791-6003

California Impact Republicans Announces Inaugural Board of Directors:

John W. Briscoe, President
Todd Blair, Executive Vice President
George Park, Membership Vice President
Benita Gagne, Administrative Vice President
Charlie Schaupp, Sgt. At Arms
Aaron F Park, Vice President Northern Region
Larry Virga, 4th Senate District Director
Sandra Avoian, 26th Senate District Director
Louise Outland, 35th Senate District Director

“The experience we are launching our organization with is outstanding”, said John W Briscoe, founding President of the CIR, “We will be able to set a culture for stability and success for years to come!”

The leadership of the California Impact Republicans Inaugural board of directors all have experience in Republican volunteer organizations. All have participated in creating new organizations from scratch and have extensive campaign experience to bring in to the CIR.

The CIR is founded on a best practices approach to Conservative Republican Politics and a vetting process for endorsements that factors in viability as well as conservative bona-fides.

The CIR will be presenting its’ paperwork for consideration of a Full Charter at the California Republican Party Convention in Burlingame, CA in April. We look forward to seeing you in then.

Please visit California Impact Republicans on our Facebook Page, or our Facebook Group, on twitter @CAImpactReps or at our website

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  1. Pam Shambaugh says:

    I just found your website. We need to take back our state government. I am so upset over the state government hiring Eric Holder to fight President Trump. Our state will never be great until we kick out a lot of these Democrats who don’t hold our values.

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