California Impact Republicans Official Launch Today

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California Impact Republicans Official Launch Today

Today, the California Impact Republicans unveiled their Facebook Page, Facebook Group, @CAImpactReps Twitter profile  and their website at

The California Impact Republicans is founded on a “best practices” principle of grassroots organizing centered on results.

“The days of Pyrrhic victories are over”, said John Briscoe founding President of CIR, “This is not your grandfather’s Republican Group”.

The word Impact implies action. “We are an action-based organization”, said Briscoe, “The CIR is founded to re-engage effective people that care about winning and building the conservative brand in the California Republican Party.  We will provide our members with a healthy environment to become leaders in their communities free of the drama and the debating society”

All members, not just a small percentage, will be voting delegates to the annual CIR state convention, so everyone has a say. “This minimizes the incentive to manipulate the process, thereby empowering everyone to have a voice”, said CIR Membership Vice President George Park.

The CIR is committed to recruiting Conservative Republican candidates for local office, training and equipping leaders, fundraising, and endorsing candidates for public office based on a different metric than other Republican groups have used in the past.

The CIR will evaluate candidate viability, record of service to the GOP as well as track record in determining endorsements. This, when combined with the CIR’s stated goals of training, equipping and activism, will set a new standard for Republican groups.

The CIR will be presenting its credentials for consideration of a charter at the California Republican Party Convention in Anaheim in September.

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  1. Rich Kinney says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing your bylaws and learning more about your group. I was on the Platform committee and initiated the new category of Freedom of Religion, among other things for the new platform.
    All for Jesus!

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