The Platform of the CIR:

We Are Pro-Freedom – We believe that the Freedom to agree and disagree applies to everyone, not just select groups we agree with. We believe that an aggressive Judiciary, un-elected bureaucrats and Government that seek to invade all aspects of our lives needs to be reined in. We believe in equality of opportunity.

We Are Pro-America – As citizens, we should expect our tax dollars to be spent on fixing the problems of and improving the lives of American Citizens first. We believe that our foreign policy should be one that places America’s interests first.

We Are Pro-Business – We believe that Government needs to get out of the way of innovation. We understand that American Business is and has been the backbone of our great economy. We believe that excessive taxation and regulation are societal problems that limit prosperity and freedom.

We Are Pro-Legal-Immigrant – America is a country of immigrants. Immigrants should not be used as pawns for political agendas. Immigrants are people and the system needs to be reformed so that people seeking to come to America to add something to our society can be welcomed and not stigmatized.

We Are Pro-Gun – The Second Amendment was created for security and stability. We believe attempts to curb and limit the 2nd Amendment are an attack on freedom.

We Are Pro-Family – We believe that the traditional, nuclear family is the backbone of society. We believe that an agenda-free educational system based on sound fundamentals is critical to our future, including alternatives to the government education systems.

We Are Pro-Life – We believe in protecting life at all stages, from pre-born to elderly, including the disabled.

We Are Pro-GOP – We believe in fighting for our endorsed candidates in the Primary, then backing the Republican Nominee in the General Election. We believe that Republican Candidates are the best hope for good government and Freedom. This is why we choose to charter with the California Republican Party.